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Under Armour Catching Gear

Under Armour catching gear is one of the leading protective equipment packages for baseball catchers of all ages. As technology and safety studies have advanced, catchers gear has evolved to provide even more protection for these athletes. The catcher is arguably the most important defensive position. Occupying the dangerous position behind the batter, the catcher is at risk of injury from wild pitches. That is why it is imperative that the catcher be properly protected with their catching gear . The gear should include::
  • A special catchers glove designed with extra padding to protect the hands from fastballs.
  • Shin guards covering the catcher's knees, the sides of the calves, and the top of the feet.
  • A padded chest protector designed to protect the catcher's chest and midsection.
  • A mask providing maximum protection for a catcher's face, head, throat, and ears.
The Under Armour catching gear provides all of the above protection.  They also offer catchers gear in sizes from youth to adult. Their catchers sets are available in four colors. You can get them in black, navy, royal and scarlet. The youth sets in the victory series are very affordable. In addition, there are pro level sets available in youth and intermediate sizes. Their high end gear is available in the Under Armour pro catchers equipment. The youth and intermediate pro gear are available in sets or as individual pieces.  However, you must purchase the adult gear individually to form a set. [product_tag tags="under-armour-catching-gear"]

Under Armour Catchers Sets

A standard Under Armour catching gear set will include all three pieces needed to protect the catcher. Under Armour catching gear is available at our New York store as well as on our website. You can purchase the catching gear parts separately. Therefore, replacing worn pieces will be easier. All parts come with the latest technology including:
  • Lightweight, breathable, and moisture wicking materials
  • Four point adjustable harnesses
  • Bacteria and odor shields
  • Machine washable pads
  • High impact components designed to absorb and deflect shock
Size is the most important factor to consider when purchasing Under Armour catching gear. A properly fitting gear set is necessary for player safety.When gear fits properly, the catcher has freedom to move quickly. Therefore, the catchers defensive skills will improve. If the catchers gear does not fit right you will not be properly protected. Thus, you will be at risk of injury. In addition, your mobility will be reduced. So, your defensive skills will suffer. you may be tempted to purchase a larger set to allow your child to grow into the gear. By doing such you will be putting him or her at risk of injury. You may save money in the short term. However, you can't put a price on your child's safety. Under Armour began in 1996. They have become the kings of high performance apparel. As its business has grown, Under Armour has branched into other sporting goods markets.They have become an innovator in the baseball market.  Under Armour catching gear provides strong, functional, and comfortable equipment. Their gear is for athletes of all ages. So, make sure to purchase Under Armour catching gear with your next purchase.
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