Under Armor Catchers Gear

Under Armor Catchers Gear

Under Armor catchers gear is available in many styles and sizes to accommodate all levels of players. They are a highly rated brand that consistently delivers a stylish and dependable product. All of their gear meets NOCSAE standards. So, you to purchase confidently knowing you are getting a safe product. There are many varieties of Under Armor catchers gear to choose from. Sometimes the products come in sets for a better deal if you need to buy all your equipment at once. Pieces are also available individually, so it's possible to buy back up pieces or replace something that is worn out or too small. Essentially, there are a few key safety items all catchers must wear: [product_tag tags="under-armor-catchers-gear"]

Catchers Helmet

The Under Armor catchers gear helmet comes with different levels of safety features depending on the level and size of the player. All helmets meet NOCSAE standards and feature shock  absorbing ABS plastic shells. The helmets also have a moisture wicking lining and microbe killing padding. Hence, the use of these synthetic materials help keep the helmets dry and free of odors.

Chest Protector

A quality chest protector becomes more and more important as the skill level (and therefore pitch speed) becomes higher. Upper division chest protectors feature impact absorbing plastics which help to reduce the bounce on blocked balls. Lower level chest guards feature thick padding with plastic sternum and groin guards. You can fasten the chest protectors with adjustable straps.

Leg Guards

Depending on the level, these may extend from the shoe all the way to the thigh. Multi layer knee cap guards allow the player to crouch and kneel.

Throat Protection

A molded throat guard provides an extra layer of protection if desired.

Knee Savers

These soft pads provide comfort and boost stamina during long games. Overall, there is a great variety of Under Armor catchers gear to choose from for any level player. So, check our the entire selection on our website.