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Don't forget about the guys in blue looking for Umpire Gear. Hey blue, we here at Baseball Bargains did not forget about you. Just like players, an Umpire requires high quality equipment to do his job well. Those officiating baseball or softball games this season, need to make Baseball Bargains there first and only stop for all of their Umpire Gear needs. We of course provide many different face mask models. You can choose from hockey style or a traditional umpire mask. These umpire face masks come from the top names in the game, such as All-Star, Rawlings, and Wilson.

Wilson Umpire Gear options:

These are the names you know, and you can be sure that they make top quality umpire equipment. Looking specifically for a Wilson umpire mask? We have several models to choose from. Be sure to check out all of our Wilson umpire equipment. Wilson umpire gear is what the MLB umpires wear. Several current and former MLB umpires help in the design of the umpire equipment. Also from these fine companies we offer amazing chest protectors and leg guards. Umpires never know when an errant ball or bat might come their way. But, thanks to Baseball Bargains, they can now stay safe behind home plate. Look out for our useful Umpire accessories too, like pitch counters and plate brushes. Don’t strike out looking this season. Take action and call a terrific game, using Umpire gear sold on our Baseball Bargains website.