Softball Pitcher Chest Protector

Softball Pitcher Chest Protector

When it comes to staying safe during a softball game, you need to have protection. Pitchers get extremely close to the hitter when delivering a pitch due to the wild wind-ups. In order fro pitchers and all players to stay safe, you should buy a softball pitcher chest protector. These chest protectors, or heart guards, protect your vital organs from getting crushed by a softball. This is a great product as it protects one of the most important parts of the bod, the heart. You have probably heard the tragic stories about baseball or softball players who were hit in the chest and got seriously injured. Due to these injuries, baseball has put an ban on BESR bats that were able to crush baseballs. Softball, however, still uses the same bats it always has. So, the softball pitcher chest protector doesn't sound to bad. It is better to be safe. [product_tag tags="softball-pitcher-chest-protector" orderby="popularity"]

Velcro Heart Guard

Here at Baseball Bargains, we sell two different types of chest protectors. We sell a put-on shield and a shirt with padding. First, we will start with the shield. All Star has begun to introduce the heart shield. This chest protector is different from the pad shirts as it has a Velcro strap that is easy to put on and take off. This chest protector also goes under the jersey, so nobody will know you are even wearing it. It is also one of the best products out there because of how tough it is. They build these protectors strong as they really want to protect the pitchers and fielders. It is the best choice for all softball players to consider this chest protector, especially the youth players. Your reaction time isn't nearly as good as it will be so you should definitely protect yourself.

Heart Guard Under Shirt

Secondly, All Star also produces chest protectors that come in the form of under shirts. Not your typical under shirts but a sport under shirts, that they design to handle sweat and movement. These shirts have a heart guard right where your heart is. The material in the heart guard is a very shock absorbing material and will handle anything thrown your way.  They make these more for youth players as the reaction time just isn't adequate enough to get out of the way of a ball. Or, sometimes balls are just smoked and there is no time to get out of the way. Either way, all youth players should protect themselves with some form of a All Star chest protector. All Star cares about their customers and want them coming back, not getting avoidable injuries.