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Softball Mask

Many softball players around the world have been opting to use a softball mask. This is because the rise of concern of concussions. But, many players still opt to not use the mask as it may be uncomfortable for some. Clearly, if you do choose to use one you are more protected in the field. But, many are curious to know if they really need one? The answer to this question lies in the person that is making the decision. If you want one, use one, if not, don't use one. Before you make the decision though, you should at least be knowledgeable on the pros and cons. Obviously the best benefit of using a softball mask is that you will have protection for your face. This can also help prevent concussions as the ball hitting your face anywhere can shake up your brain. Many also want to prevent broken noses, and cosmetic injuries. The ball can hurt a lot and leave your face looking ugly if it happens to hit the right spot. Nobody wants a bloody face, so using a softball mask can be a great prevention for this issue. Companies today use many new technologies that both increase comfort and protection. [product_tag tags="softball-mask"]

Softball Face Mask Youth and Adult Options

Although, a face mask can prevent many injuries many opt to not have it. Clearly, if there were only benefits than every softball player would have one. Unfortunately, this is not the case, so a good amount of players decide to not wear a softball mask. One reason players opt to not use a softball mask is that it feels uncomfortable. As comfortable as manufacturers have made face masks, they still cannot compare to the bare face. Players that do not use them feel free and able to make any play. Players that do not use them also will tend to use their glove as protection, increasing the chances of making a play. But, players with masks will not have fear of getting hurt so might stay in the play longer. Thus, softball face mask youth models are very popular for young players just starting out. With both arguments it is time to make the decision for yourself. Safety wise, it is 100% better to have a softball mask, but other players will take the risk of getting hurt to feel more comfortable. There is no true right answer to the question should you or should you not use one. Players must weigh out the pros and cons of using a softball masks, then decide what is best for them. Unless you have a history of injuries, one is not absolutely necessary. But, if you want to take precaution, buy a softball mask. There is no wrong answer, and like before it is the player's option if they should use a softball mask.
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