Softball Heart Guard

Softball Heart Guard

A Softball heart guard provides piece of mind for mom and the young ball player. Softball is one of the most unique games out there, but the game can get very dangerous. Pitchers throwing at high speeds and then the players hitting rockets can be a very dangerous combination. This is why it is necessary for ballplayers to take precautions to stay safe on the field. One of these precautions you can take is wearing a softball heart guard. A heart guard is a great piece of protective gear and here is why you should wear one and how to choose the right one for you.

Why You Should Wear One: 

No one wants to take time off of the field and a heart guard can prevent a chest injury. More importantly however a heart guard can save your life. Softball is not as dangerous as many other sports, but there have been a couple serious injuries even death in the game. When hit by a softball in the chest at an incredibly high speed this can throw off the rhythm of your heart and possibly be deadly. A heart guard helps prevent this by absorbing a lot of the velocity of the ball.  Thus, this softens the impact incredibly and makes the game a lot safer.

How To Choose: 

It is very important to choose a heart guard that is the right size, this is because if it is not the right size it will not protect to its full ability. There are two types of heart guards. The first one is strapped around you and has a guard that covers your chest. This type of heart guard should fit tightly and should not move around. The second type of heart guard is a compression shirt with padding inside of it that covers your chest. This shirt should also fit tight and can not be too big or small. As far as which one is right for you, that is mainly preference. The shirt is usually considered a lot more comfortable, the strap around is considered better for the heat. We have a wide variety of softball heart guards right here on the Baseball Bargains website. They are a great piece of protective gear and everyone who plays the game of Softball should consider wearing one. Wearing a softball heart guard is really simple and does not restrict your movement whatsoever. Purchase yourself a protective and comfortable softball heart guard today right here from the Baseball Bargains website.