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Slow Pitch Softball Gloves

Slow Pitch Softball Gloves:

Slow Pitch Softball Gloves are absolute necessities for those who take up the sport. It is not all about the batters. Especially in a slow pitch game, the defenders will need all the help they can get. So make sure you have a premier piece of defensive hardware from a top flight brand. [product_tag tags="slow-pitch-softball-gloves"]

Slow Pitch Glove Webbing

They use slightly larger patterns than that of normal baseball gloves. This is because the regulation ball used for softball is physically bigger than a baseball. That means it requires more space in your glove to capture it. Some webbing designs carry over from baseball. Basket webbing, or woven webbing, performs a checkerboard style pattern of leather weaving in and out. A single post web with crossing straps and one vertical strap popular among baseball first basemen can be used all over the diamond in slow pitch softball. A Pro H webbing, similar to the single post, has two vertical posts instead. Yet another style of webbing present in both sports. The importance of understanding what gloves have what webbings in slow pitch softball lies in its relation to positional assignment. Everyone wants to play, but it takes a team familiar with everyone's skill sets to know how to compete in the correct positions and with the right glove.

Slowpitch Softball Glove Brands:

Wilson, Easton, Rawlings, Mizuno, and Worth are some of the premier brands in the game that produce top of the line slow pitch softball gloves. Centuries worth of expertise in leather and glove-making factor into the manufacturing process. The same companies you can trust to supply you with the elite caliber baseball gear, you can trust to gift you with a softball glove like none other. It does not matter which brand you choose, either. They are all bound to have in their stocks an endless selection of slow pitch softball gloves just waiting to turn you into a future gold glover!
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