Rawlings Renegade 15" Softball Glove R15BGS

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Rawlings Renegade 15" Softball Glove R15BGS

Rawlings Renegade 15" Softball Glove R15BGS

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Rawlings Renegade Series R15BGS 15 in Softball Glove Features:

The Rawlings Renegade Series R15BGS Softball Glove is a premium Softball glove from Rawlings with unique designs. Perhaps the best part is 90% break in condition it comes in right out of the box. For an upgrade in durability, the R15BGS is outfitted with an all leather, full grain palm construction that includes palm and index finger padding to reduce impact strain on your hand. At 15 inches this glove is a lengthier pattern than most gloves but comes in exclusive softball designs and equipped with a Modified Pro H-Web. As a result, we have a custom fit, due to the adjustable and non-slip pull back strap molding around the contours of your hand. The Rawlings Renegade helps continue Rawlings long tradition of providing excellence to it s players. This time, they have brought that excellence to the game of softball. The Renegade takes a page from it s baseball counterpart s playbook and provides incredible comfort and versatility. A fast break-in and an easy-to-mold-pocket make this the perfect companion for someone serious about softball. Spend less time bending and softening the leather and more time on the field. A flexible webbing helps keep the softball securely in the pocket while helping scoop it up off the ground or snatch it out of the air. This glove should be useful in the softball infield and outfield without too much trouble. The most important aspect of any softball glove is getting players on the field faster. With Renegade s signature leather shell now entering the softball realm, fastpitch players can now enjoy it as well. The Renegade Leather is renowned for softness and durability. It is simply the most consistent glove series ever created, Therefore, Rawlings continues a winning streak with the Rawlings Renegade Series R15BGS.
  • Leather Shell Construction
  • High density cushioned palm
  • Game Ready Feel
  • R15BGS