Shoeless Jane

Shoeless Jane

Shoeless Jane softball gloves are one of the premier softball gloves on the market today. They bring back one of the classic looks of the game with the way they style their gloves. Many players have found these gloves to look great and preform to the level they need them too. Also, these gloves have one of the shortest break in periods as well. You just need to have a couple of catches with these gloves and you will be able to use them in game. That is one of the better features with these gloves as you don;'t have to buy it in the off season in order to use it in the upcoming seasons. You can buy it whenever and use it within the week. You may be able to break these gloves in quickly, but you still need to take care of them in the off season.

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Infield Softball Gloves

Starting with the infield, Shoeless Jane cover every position. At first base they have the 1300 and the 1250. The 1300 is the higher of the two ion quality but they are both great gloves. They make the 1300 out tough and protective leather that will have you dying to show this glove off. The mitt has tons of great features. For starters, the glove has a huge pocket. And, it will allow you to pick anything. They also make some great gloves for the middle infield and catcher. In the middle infield, they have a great glove that doesn't have the biggest pocket. This is perfect because you need a glove that can catch the ball, but also be able to make quick transfers. You need to get the ball out of your glove fast, and you can do that in these gloves. All these gloves are top class.

Shoeless Jane Glove models for the Outfield

In the outfield, these gloves are just as great. As previously mentioned, you can use these gloves almost immediately off the shelf. It just takes a catch or two in order to shape itself to your hand and you are good. In the outfield, you need to look for very specific specifications in gloves in order to find success. The glove needs to have a very deep pocket and the glove has to be long as well. In order to make any sort of diving play or outstretched catch, the glove needs to be long. With Shoeless Jane gloves, you get both of these. The 1300 model has more of a pop to it, showig off the great leather. Also, this model is crafted longer than the 1250 and has more attention, but is still similar in price. So, it is definitely something to look into as an option.