Samurai Catching Gear

Samurai Catching Gear

Mizuno Samurai Catching gear offers excellent protection in a wide range of color options. Many of today's baseball players consider this desirable gear to be top of the line in quality and style. Additionally, all pieces meet NOCSAE standards giving you safety you can trust. The pieces are available in a range of sizes. In addition, all sizes have adjustable straps to provide a custom fit and keep gear safely secured. Above all, it is important to measure the individual player. Thus, you can make sure the pieces you order have the best fit possible. [product_tag tags="samurai-catching-gear"]

Samurai catching gear includes the following pieces:

Catchers Helmet

The Samurai helmet features strategic ventilation and a strong steel mask. The mask is a hockey style face mask. An adjustable chin guard keeps the helmet safely secured. 3 Stage EVA padding provides comfort and moisture wicking action. Helmets are extremely important for all levels from beginner to adult. So, a quality helmet is a must have piece of equipment in every catcher's bag.

Chest Protector

One thing that makes the samurai catching gear special is the use of unique, high tech materials. The chest protector features low rebound technology to help reduce travel of blocked balls. This helps the catcher play his best.  In addition, this chest protector makes the game safer for the catcher. The chest protector is lined with a DryLite material for comfort and durability. The Samurai chest protector also includes removable shoulder guards and groin pad. So, you can create more freedom to move.

Leg Guards

The Mizuno Samurai leg guards feature a patented detachable knee pad. Stainless steel clips keep guards firmly secured. A triple knee pad extends up through the thigh. This offers added protection. Therefore, the leg guards offer protection from thigh to ankle. Thus, injury from foul tips is greatly reduced. Overall, Samurai catching gear provides some of the industry's top protection. Mizuno is a trusted and respected brand that makes highly reviewed safety gear. They have been doing it for decades.  Ultimately, having quality catchers gear is an absolute necessity. Mizuno's Samurai catching gear gives you the safety you need. Their patented technology gives you the edge you want! And, the Mizuno name is one you can trust.