Samurai Catcher's Gear

Samurai Catcher's Gear

Whether you're a baseball or fastpitch softball catcher, Mizuno Samurai catcher's gear is one of the most popular ways to protect your body. You can buy each piece of gear separately, or as part of a complete set. Size charts fill the need for catchers from youth leagues to adult. Mizuno catcher's gear also comes in over a dozen colors to match your team uniforms perfectly. Women will find a model designed specifically for the female fastpitch catcher. There are not a lot of female specific catchers sets available . So the Samurai fastpitch set will be very attractive to the serious player. CLICK HERE to see the full Collection of Samurai Catcher's Gear!

Full Helmet with Facemask

Samurai catcher's gear starts with a comfortable helmet This helmet also provides the ultimate in head protection. Mizuno designed each helmet with strategically placed ventilation openings for improved breath ability. There is a steel cage to protect your face. However, it still offers clear visibility. All Mizuno masks use 3-layer foam padding and exceed all NOCSAE standards. The helmets have a matte finish. They are also extremely light weight.

Chest Protector

The next piece in the complete Samurai catcher's gear set is the chest protector. There are youth chest protectors and two adult sizes. Mizuno also makes a gender engineered chest protector for the women's fastpitch game. They use a mesh liner that helps you stay cool behind the plate. There is a removable neck pad, which you can have personalized with your own name. For a custom fit, Samurai chest protectors have detachable shoulder pads, and a dual buckle adjustable strapping system. The Samurai design focuses on providing the ultimate protection without sacrificing your mobility behind the dish. You will be  blocking the pitches in the dirt will little effort. The soft rib padding absorbs the impact. So, the ball will not rebound very far. It will stay within reach.

Shin Guards

The last piece of equipment in the Samurai catcher's gear set is the shin guards. With the triple knee cup, you won't have to worry about taking shots off your knee. Mizuno uses stainless metal buckles with quick adjustment straps. Every Mizuno shin guard incorporates their DryLite technology to keep your shin guards in place. Catchers who have taken a foul ball off the toe will like the detachable toecap. There is additional protection along the inner side of the lower leg. So, you can feel comfortable blocking any pitch in the dirt. The Mizuno Samurai shin guards are durable, comfortable and provide complete protection from your lower thigh to the top of your foot. The company has over 100 years experience producing the highest quality athletic equipment. Their catcher's gear is a popular favorite from the youth level all the way to the Major Leagues. If you want the ultimate in comfortable protection while working behind the plate, strap on Mizuno's Samurai catcher's gear. So, be sure to check out the Samurai line of catchers gear.