Rawlings Renegade Catchers Mitt

Rawlings Renegade Catchers Mitt

If you are a catcher it is important to choose the best mitt possible. Having a great mitt will help you in many ways. The most obvious is performance. Having a great mitt will help you feel confident on the field and perform at your best. Another place where a great mitt can help you is protection. All catchers mitts have their safety features, but some have features superior to others. Some things to consider when narrowing down your search for a catchers mitt are the brand and the series the mitt comes from. If a glove comes from both a great brand and a great series the mitt is probably a great one. One mitt that comes from both a great brand and series is the Rawlings Renegade series. Here is why you should consider buying the Rawlings Renegade catchers mitt. [product_tag tags="rawlings-renegade-catchers-mitt" orderby="popularity"]

The Rawlings Brand: 

It is important to choose a catchers mitt from a great brand because if a brand has a reputation of manufacturing great mitts, there should be no reason that the mitt you buy is any exception. Rawlings has been in business since 1887 and has been one of the best companies in the game ever since. Rawlings has been around for multiple centuries and this is no coincidence. They simply create some of the best baseball products around. Due to this excellence many professional ballplayers have chosen Rawlings to provide them with their equipment. Some of these ballplayers include Yadier Molina and Salvador Perez. These are two of the best catchers in the MLB and they choose Rawlings so why not you? Anybody on the market for a catchers mitt needs to consider Rawlings.

The Renegade Series: 

The Renegade series is one of the most well respected mitt series in the game. With top features and technologies the Renegade series fails to disappoint. The Catchers mitt uses a high density cushioned palm. This cushioned palm will help protect a catchers palm from the ferocious pitches coming their way. The glove is also created using top of the line leather so the glove can last you many seasons to come. Every catcher should consider a Rawlings Renegade catchers mitt. We have the Rawlings Renegade catchers mitt available on the Baseball Bargains website for a great price. So, if you are looking to improve your game and own a glove that provides you with an ample amount of protection purchase the Rawlings Renegade catchers mitt today!