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Rawlings Infield Glove

Rawlings Infield Glove

A Rawlings Infield Glove can go a long way when it comes to helping your game. These gloves are top of the line gloves and one of the best baseball companies in the world make them. There are no surprises that is company makes such great gloves. They have been around since the beginning of baseball and have had a long time to figure out what a great glove needs. They continue to make great gloves to this day, especially in the infield. [product_tag tags="rawlings-infield-glove"]

The Best Rawlings Infield Gloves

The Rawlings infield glove arsenal is unmatched by any other company. There full grain kip leather and raw hide leather keeps there gloves above the rest of the competition. Also, what makes Rawlings so great is the amount of attention they show to each glove. They have very precise linings and wiring of their gloves and it reflects the quality. This is especially true of their Rawlings Infield gloves.

Pro Preferred

The Rawlings Pro Preferred is the first series on the list. This glove is available for every position on the infield and comes in different sizes. The difference between the Rawlings infield glove version for the middle infield positions and the third base position is the pocket and size. The 11.25 is the middle infield one and it has a much deeper and stiffer pocket. They Rawlings Infield gloves are shaped so that the ball is dropped down into the pocket for a quick transition. The third base model is the 11.5 model and it has a flatter pocket with a longer frame. The catchers glove for this series is second to none. This glove will pop with every pitch showcasing the great kip leather that is in use on these gloves. The first base mitt is another top of the line glove. This glove is very long with an extremely deep pocket to secure any and all balls.

Heart Of The Hide - Durable Rawlings Infield Gloves

The Heart Of The Hide, or HOTH, series is a great series that creates diversity in the Rawlings brand. They offer plenty of gloves with tough, hard leather. The HOTH is a change of pace that is a much softer raw hide that creates a much different feel in you hands. They make this glove for every position in the infield as well. These Rawlings infield gloves are some of the best on the market. Starting with first base, they make a great glove that closes very easily and has a very deep pocket. If you are into the fast close, this is the perfect glove for you. The third base glove is another fast closing glove that is pretty long and has a flatter pocket. Behind the plate, this glove is one of a kind. It is one of the easier gloves to close as a catcher and holds every single ball that it comes into contact with.

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