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Heart of the Hide and Pro Preferred Infield Gloves by Rawlings

Two top of the line series on the market are the Heart of the Hide and Pro Preferred infield gloves by Rawlings. Rawlings Infield gloves are shaped so that the ball is dropped down into the pocket for a quick transition. The shortstop models are typically 11.5 inch models, and they have a flatter pocket with a longer frame. All infield models typically range from 11 inches to 12 inches. The smallest models are typically for second basemen with the 11.75 inch and 12 inch models are for third basemen. You can see all of the Heart of the Hide and Pro Preferred infield gloves we offer above.

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Rawlings Infield Gloves

The most popular models used by MLB infielders come from Rawlings

What Makes a Infielders Glove Unique?

Typically the size and the webbing are unique to an infielders glove.  Most middle infielders use a small glove with an open web. The size typically is anywhere from 11 inch to 11.5 inch. The small pocket allows them to find the ball for a quick exchange on a double play and the open web allows for dirt to escape while making the play to provide the best grip of the ball possible. Third basemen typically go a little larger in size. An 11.75 or 12 inch glove provides a larger pocket to secure those hot shots down the line when the player dives for the ball.

What's the Difference between an Infielders Outfielders Glove?

Quite simply...Size. Outfield gloves are typically 12.5 to 13 inch. The most popular size being 12.75 inches. This allows for shoe string catches and provides an even bigger pocket to secure the ball when the outfielder lays out for an all out diving catch.

How Do You Break In a Rawlings Infielder's Glove?

Many Rawlings models come close to broken in. However, every glove needs some work to get it to the players personal liking. Having a catch is the best way to break in your glove. However, to give it a head start, you may want to use a rubber mallet to soften the heel of the glove and the lace on top of the pocket that is very siff when you first get your glove.