Rawlings Catchers Helmet

Rawlings Catchers Helmet

The Rawlings catchers helmet offers supreme protection. The catcher is one of the most vulnerable players on a baseball team. When you play this position, you must be on guard to protect yourself from accidents. These accidents include being hit with a fast pitch or hit in the face by a stray swing of the bat. You can keep your eye on the ball, tag out players sliding into home from third, and catch pop-up fouls while avoiding injuries at the same time by wearing a high-quality protective catchers helmet. [product_tag tags="rawlings-catchers-helmet"]

Injury Protection

When you shop for a catchers helmet, you want one that is made from the most durable protective materials. The Rawlings catchers helmet uses shock absorbent ABS plastic.  The plastic takes the hit from a fast pitch or swing of bat without cracking, breaking, or denting. Your head stays safe thanks to the resistant design and construction of the Rawlings catchers helmet. The helmet also comes with a full face guard. It will protect your face from the tip of a bat or a ball coming directly at you. Without the guard in place, you could suffer a black eye, broken nose, or knocked out teeth among other injuries. The guard will absorb the impact and spare you from serious injury.

Lightweight and Comfortable

As durable as the Rawlings catchers helmet is, it is also comfortable to wear without being too heavy on your neck or head. The entire helmet weighs less than two pounds, sparing you from the strain and fatigue that come from wearing heavy headgear while you are playing. The Rawlings catchers helmet will also maximize airflow so you avoid overheating while you are wearing it. You can wear the helmet on the hottest and most humid of days without the helmet causing you discomfort or distress. It is easy to put on and take off with its secure yet comfortable fit and ear and head padding.