Rawlings Catchers Gear Set

Rawlings Catchers Gear Set

Get yourself some catchers equipment that'll show off your aggressiveness behind the dish, like those in a rawlings catchers gear set! Rawlings has always been a legendary sporting goods manufacturer, so making catchers gear is right in Rawling's wheel house. The catchers gear set comes with three parts, a chest plate, helmet and leg guards. You'll feel unstoppable with your new armor, so take a go with rawlings catchers gear for your upcoming season. [product_tag tags="rawlings-catchers-gear-set" orderby="popularity"]

Chest protector

The rawlings catchers gear set comes with three intricate pieces, the helmet, chest protector and the leg guards. One of the most interesting is the chest protector, given its design. It seems like a very plain item, one large padded plate and straps to hold it around your torso. But the engineering behind its design makes all the difference. The chest protector has a dual density layer of foam padding, making it a great tool for blocking and protecting. The dual density foam puts a harder layer on the exterior, great for absorbing impacts. Taking the bulk of the force, the harder layer can be used to get in front of a bad pitch and keep runners at bay. The interior less dense layer is up against your torso, making it comfortable to wear around.


The catchers helmet of the rawlings catchers gear set is the most stylish yet protective piece of this set. It's sleek curves and hard exterior make it a must have item in your shopping cart. Using ABS plastics and the same dual density foam concept, it's tough and comfortable all in one. he metal face cage is also really cool, it strikes confidence into your heart, giving you more of a drive to play hard.

Leg guards

The Leg guards are the final piece to this ensemble, and made from the same ABS plastics that are in the helmet. They're tough enough to support your body weight and make for easy movements. The triple knee design allows the guards to come up above the knee, without hindering your movement.