Rawlings Baseball Bats

Rawlings Baseball Bats:

Rawlings Baseball Bats exemplify how their brand is not just defense based. Three standout Rawlings bats include the VELO, the 5150, and the Quatro. [product_tag tags="rawlings-baseball-bats" orderby="popularity"]

Rawlings Bat Examples:

VELO The VELO consists of one piece alloy construction. With a BBCOR certification, it is also ideal for high school and collegiate play. Additionally, a precision laser pOp 2.0 grooves through the sweet spot for an increased flex and pop. The bat's silver comp lite end cap operates with fiber reinforced composite to improve balance. Lastly, acoustic alloy lends explosive swing speed and the loudest produceable sound on the market. 5150
The BBCOR certified 5150 is named after its premier, high performing aerospace grade alloy. Like the VELO model, it also deploys pOp 2.0 technology to create an enormous sweet spot with an unbeatable feel upon contact.  Crafted for utility players, AABC, Babe Ruth, Cal Ripken, Dixie Youth, Little League, and Pony all approve the Rawlings 5150 for game use. It is a one piece model with Tru View technology present throughout. Finally, a synthetic bat grip rounds out the bat, letting it more control delivery.  QUATRO
The Quatro bat was perhaps one of the most memorable bats of the last year. With a balanced swing weight, it raked for all who used it. Moreover, the bat activates untapped power in regularly contact privy batters. All thanks to a Carbon Fiber Composite Barrel. Unlike the bats listed prior, this is a four piece model. Other components unique to the Quatro set up are its Quatro Collar, which absorbs and eliminates any negative vibration. This name is substituted in for the actual power at work, Vibration Dampening Technology (VDT).

Closing Thoughts:

Each bat offers additional plate coverage that a young slugger would not get otherwise. So if you want to barrel up, now is your chance. Purchase any one these three bats, or choose from various others. After all, these are just three examples of a company wide goldmine you will be thankful that you stumbled upon.