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Pro Style Batting Helmets

A Pro style batting helmets are ideal for college, high school, and intermediate levels of baseball and softball. The helmet has a shell made of high impact material. It has a built in COOLFLO vent and involves heat exchange. Players will have the ability to stay cooler on the field as well as the bases. Also, the baseball helmet can provide additional protection during situations that cause an impact. Pro style batting helmets are available in sizes according to the player's hat size. They are in sizes from small to extra large. Also, they come with or without the face shield. The face shield is to protect the face and teeth, usually worn by softball players. These pro style batting helmets keep you protected from uncontrollable pitches and allows you to stay fearless in the batters box before the ball crosses the plate.

Batting Helmets Meet Safety Standards

National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment, known as NOCSAE, is an organization that has staff who test head gear. They look to ensure that when baseball and softball athletes are wearing pro style batting helmets, they are safe from injury. The tests are completed on each model and evaluated for performance. They must test them in a lab setting for conditioning at least 4 hours prior to impact. The people who are testing the pro style batting helmets are checking against required safety specifications that will ensure the player is sufficiently protected from injury when struck in the head. Most baseball and softball players want the best helmet they can possibly find at a decent cost. The pro style batting helmets are available for $45-$65. That's a great price that won't break your budget. However, you really can't put a price on your health and safety. So, make sure with your next batting helmet purchase you select a helmet that will keep you safe.

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