Pinstripe Baseball Pants

Pinstripe Baseball Pants

Pinstripe baseball pants are part of the great tradition of baseball. Almost every team has a uniform that they use their pinstripe pants for. When you think of pinstripe pants it is hard not to think of the Yankees. The legends that have worn the pinstripes has is countless. Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada, and countless others. This is why people love to wear pinstripe pants. When you have a pair of pinstripe baseball pants it is hard not to have an incredible amount of confidence. Another great thing about pinstripe pants is they work with almost any uniform so any team can sport them. The only thing that can ruin your pinstripe pants is them not fitting right. Here is how to choose the right pair of pinstripe pants. [product_tag tags="pinstripe-baseball-pants"]

How To Choose the right pant 

The first thing to look for when it comes to the size of your pinstripe pants is the waist size. When sizing up the pants to your waist it is essential to remember you will be wearing a belt. So, it is better to have them fit a little big then a little small. The pants being too small on the waist can restrict your ability to move as fast as you can. The second thing you look for when it comes to sizing is the length. Now length is mainly based on your preference, but I would recommend going shorter rather than longer. Now too short would make you look foolish, but a little short is not the end of the world. When you purchase pants that are too long they can trip you up in the field and overall hurt your performance.

Some Great Pinstripe Baseball Pants: 

Rawlings Adult Plated Pro Stripe Pants: Priced at $40.35. These pants have a semi relaxed fit so they will be very comfortable on the field. Also, there is no elastic so these pants will not hug your ankles.

Mizuno Men’s Pro Pinstripe Pants: Priced at $55.95. These pants use 100% DryLite Polyester making them incredibly flexible and comfortable.

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