Pine Tar Baseball

Pine Tar Baseball

When in the batters box having a good grip on the bat is vital. This is why many players use accessories to enhance their grip. One of these accessories is pine tar. Pine Tar baseball products come in a variety of different forms. Pine Tar usually comes in 2 main ways. Either a pine tar stick or a pine tar liquid. Both are easy to apply to a bat. CLICK HERE to see the full Collection of Pine Tar Baseball!

Pine Tar Stick vs Liquid:

Choosing between whether to purchase a pine tar stick or the pine tar liquid can be difficult. Most people simply do not know the difference between the two products. However, although they are both pine tar most people prefer one or the other. Both forms of pine tar provide a ballplayer with pristine grip, but the feel is different. Liquid pine tar doesn't glop onto the bat as a stick would so the grip is there but not noticeably present by looking at the bat. The stick creates more of a course texture as some of it will glob onto the bat. Which type of feel you prefer depends on you personal preference. Also, pine tar sticks usually last longer as not to much ruins off each time of use.

Pine Tar Products:

Rawlings Pine Tar Stick: Priced at $7.95. This is a pine tar stick. This pine tar comes in a retractable tube so you simply just unveil the pine tar and apply.

Rawlings Liquid Pine Tar Solution: Priced at $4.95. This is the liquid form of pine tar. Liquid pine tar needs to be applied using a rag or some sort of towel.

Here on the Baseball Bargains website we have an ample amount of different pine tar sticks and liquids to choose from. So, purchase yourself one of these pine tar baseball products and never lose control of the bat ever again.