Outfield Baseball Glove

Outfield Baseball Glove

An Outfield Baseball Glove requires very specific features. It needs to have a deep pocket, and has to have long webbing. Your glove needs to be able to give you those couple of extra inches to get to fly balls. If you watch any MLB game, you will see a play or two in the outfield where the long glove helped a player as they were able to track a hard hit fly ball. Also, the deep pocket protects the ball in your glove and it will make it harder for the ball to pop out. This is a great feature when diving for a ball or on some of the tough plays in the outfield. Many companies produce more than one great outfield baseball glove. Models like the Mizuno Pro Limited, Wilson A2K, and the Rawlings Pro Preferred are all great gloves. [product_tag tags="outfield-baseball-glove"]


Mizuno Pro Limited gloves are some of the most expensive gloves on the market. Retailing at $599, it is obvious it is intended for the serious player. With their series, the outfield baseball glove has many of the best features needed in order to be successful on the field. Mizuno uses Kip Leather, which is a very tough leather and looks great as well. It will hold up though the seasons you play. What also makes this glove great is the Off-Season conditioning Mizuno offers. You can send your glove to Mizuno and they will restore the glove to its original shine without ruining the integrity of the glove. That means they can fix any problems you might have with the glove, without changing the pocket or changing how you like the glove to close. This shows how much trust they have in the Pro Limited.


Another excellent option for the outfield is the Wilson A2K. The A2K is one of the toughest gloves on the market and will last you many seasons and be very reliable. Wilson spends three times longer breaking in the pocket to expedite the breaking in process. The glove can be broken in very fast and will be game ready in a short while. This is awesome for Wilson fans as they can use these gloves right away. Another great feature is the double welting that this glove goes under. The welt this glove double the times they welt their regular gloves, making the lining and seems built tough and built to last. Lastly, they sort this glove three times more then they do their regular gloves, giving the outfield baseball glove a tough exterior making it easier to hold its shape once broken in.


Lastly, the Rawlings Pro Preferred. The Pro Preferred is a great glove with awesome features. The glove gives you a great soft feel while staying tough on the outside. The Pro Preferred has one of the deepest pockets around. This glove swarms the ball once it lands in your glove. This is a great feature to have because it is almost hard to drop the ball once it is in this glove. Rawlings has perfected a blend of leathers to give it a soft feel but be able to hold its shape. Rawlings has been around since the 17th century and have perfected glove making. They were the architect of the glove and have it down pat. They also have wool padding to eliminate the sweat in your glove. This makes it very easy to stay comfortable while on the field. All three choices are great. Baseball Gloves for the outfield come in many different variations, but ultimately, you need to choose the outfield baseball glove that fits you best. Pick the one that makes you most comfortable while playing. It will elevate you game that much more.