Nokona Gloves - Made in America is a great choice.

Nokona, with its staff of experts, creates top-notch ball gloves and have for nearly 100 years. Hailing from Nocona, Texas, this company is truly an American-born treasure. Using only the finest materials, all of thier models including  Nokona  first base mitt models are durable, comfortable, and long-lasting, so players can use them season after season. When you purchase one of their baseball or softball gloves, you can be sure that it will be in your equipment bag for many years to come. A Nokona Glove is a lifelong investment. Hence, it is a very wise choice to purchase any of the glove models from this quality company.

Nokona baseball gloves - Quality is a step above most.

While other brands make their gloves in a factory, the fine members of this company stitch these gloves together by hand. They create these gloves by individually cutting, stamping, lacing, and embroidering every single one. You simply will not find that level of care from most of the other name brands. If you are looking for the best glove that America has to offer, you need one of these mitts. In addition, they are light and durable. So, pick yours up right here at Baseball Bargains today!