Mizuno Samurai Youth Catcher's Gear

Mizuno Samurai Youth Catcher's Gear:

Mizuno Samurai Youth Catcher's Gear uses high tech materials to create a durable, light and high performing set that consists of the "big three:" These are: A Mizuno Samurai Youth Catcher's Helmet G4, a Mizuno Samurai Chest Protector, and Mizuno Samurai Shin Guards. Throughout all youth designs, these main three components feature: [product_tag tags="mizuno-samurai-youth-catchers-gear" orderby="popularity"]

Helmet G4:

This protective headgear protects catchers from receiving head injuries while also allowing them to visually assess all their surroundings. It deploys a steel cage as well. The 3 layer EVA foam padding and added DryLite® technology enhances breathability and comfort. And a matte finish, strategic ventilation system, and NOCSAE standard certification round it out.

Chest Protector:

The Mizuno Samurai catchers gear chest protector is one of the best fitting protectors available. . There is also a chest protector model for the female fastpitch softball catcher. With DryLite inner liner that keeps the catcher cool and low rebound technology to keep blocked balls nearby, this protector is an absolute stunner. But even sometimes, the most difficult aspect of a chest protector is the maintenance of wearing it. There is nothing worse than having to fight with your chest protector to keep it on straight in mid gameplay. For this reason, Mizuno uses a dual buckle with an adjustable strap. The shoulder pads are removable and the neck guard can be personalized. Shin Guards: The Mizuno Samurai catcher's gear shin guards use a triple knee cup design. As a result, all catchers who use them are lent full protection when and where they need it. Moreover, a catcher must be able to drop to his knees and block pitches without fear of injury. Hence, these shin guards provide that and more. There are stainless steel metal buckles on the leg guards. So, Mizuno Samurai shin guards are easy on and off.  Plus, they will last. The padding wraps around the inside of the calf to provide complete protection. Samurai shin guards give catchers the protection they need to play with confidence. What are you waiting for? Come on down and purchase your set of Mizuno Samurai Youth Catcher's Gear today!