Mizuno Samurai

Mizuno Samurai

The Mizuno Samurai catcher's gear honors traditional Japanese Samurai with its construction and ability to protect catchers. Mizuno picked the perfect name for this series. Being a Japanese company, the Samurai tradition is very important, so Mizuno had to make a superior product. So, the Mizuno Samurai now is one of the best options for catchers in the game today. Why is this? Simply, because of the excellent manufacturers at Mizuno. They continually innovate and improve on the series to make it better than it was before. The unique design to the series draws many players to it, as they feel different from everyone else, and embrace uniqueness. Mizuno makes sure every player feels unique when wearing the gear.

Catchers Gear

Different sets of the Samurai series have different features that adapt to different players. For example the SAMSETA model features the Samurai G4 catcher's helmet, the G3 chest protector and leg guards. With these you will be the ultimate warrior behind the plate. Catchers in general are the warriors of the baseball team, so why not have gear that fits the position. The G4 helmet is home to a ventilation system that strategically places its vents. It does this at the points on your head that cool the body the fastest. It also has a 3 layer EVA foam padding that perfectly disperses the force of the ball for ultimate safety. The mask is made of steel for maximum durability and protection. Your head will be safe and ready to go with this mask. The chest protector has Low Rebound technology, so when you block the ball it doesn't go far from you. The Grippy DryLite printing on the leg guards reduces slipping. So, your leg guards will always be in the perfect spot for you.


Along with the excellent quality of products Mizuno gives players a wide variety of color options for their gear. Again this shows the effort of Mizuno to provide players with a unique set of gear. There are 15 different color options for the Mizuno Samurai gear. This means whatever color your team is, there is likely the perfect combination of colors for your gear.  This is an added bonus to this awesome equipment that will last you for years to come. All players who go with the Samurai series do not regret their purchase whatsoever. This gear simply meets the standards that Mizuno sets for its products. More importantly, this gear meets the standards of the traditional Japanese Samurai. So, if you're looking to be a warrior behind the plate the choice is simple. Whenever you find the time, find the color of the Mizuno Samurai that fits you and buy it. Once you do this, you will be fierce behind the plate, playing every game like it's your last.