Mizuno Franchise

Mizuno Franchise

The Mizuno Franchise series is one of the longest running series from Mizuno.  The series includes baseball gloves, softball gloves, baseball cleats, and batting gloves. The baseball and slow pitch softball gloves in this series are the standard when it comes to durable low priced full leather gloves. They have an ultra soft feel. They require no break in time at all. You can take to the game right out of the box. The baseball gloves are ideal as a second position mitt or as a quick fill in when your gamer breaks down or is lost mid season. The Franchise catchers mitt is the perfect team glove.  It is affordable and game ready out of the wrapper.  The Slowpitch softball gloves are perfect for the weekend player looking for a solid mitt to compete with. The Mizuno Franchise Baseball Glove series is also perfect for the casual player. The only issue is the longevity of the glove. Since the gloves are so soft right from the factory, they tend to have a shorter life span. You will get a couple of solid seasons from this series of gloves. Typically that is all most consumers are looking for. They want a glove to bridge the gap between the youth size models and when a player is ready for a high end model. That is a niche this glove series has been holding for many years.

Mizuno Franchise 9-spike Cleats

Mizuno also  has a line of cleats that bear the Franchise name.  These 9-spike franchise cleats have a molded bottom and come in youth  and adult sizes.  They are very affordable and for that reason they are a great team cleat.  Many teams purchase the Franchise 9-spike to complete their uniform.

Franchise Batting Gloves

Completing the franchise line is the affordable Mizuno Franchise batting gloves. They are available in the 4 main colors and every year or two, Mizuno tweeks the look of these very inexpensive adult and youth batting gloves.