Mizuno Catching Gear

Mizuno Catching Gear

Mizuno knows how difficult being a catcher can be, that's why they they came out with their own line of Mizuno catching gear. Their gear is built to last because catchers are some of the roughest ball players and they need a product that will help them maintain their toughness. Catchers may be the most active player in a game so they need something they can easily move around in but at the same time, protect them. The key parts to a catchers gear are the catchers helmet, chest protector and shin guards. For the best customization Mizuno offers a multitude of color combinations so players can really get into their gear. [product_tag tags="mizuno-catching-gear"]

Catchers Helmet Features

All that gear means a lot of sweat so the Mizuno catching gear is ready to handle the heat. Large ports are strategically placed for good ventilation and a larger area is covered by the steel frame. While still offering protection, it allows proper air flow to the face. A catchers helmet should be comfortable and easily removable. Mizuno is well aware of these features and allows for an adjustable jaw pad, which at the same time provides moisture control to enable a good fit.

Catchers Chest Protector

Mizuno's catchers gear provides flexible yet tough chest protectors that form to its user. Being that a pitcher would typically throw to the chest of his catcher, its vital that this protects all vital organs and joints. Some might say that the extra shoulder padding and side wings are too restricting. The Mizuno catching gear chest protector has detachable side wings and shoulder pads to offer increased mobility.

Catchers Leg Guards

The leg guards are just as important as any piece to Mizuno's Catching Gear set. Dropping to both knees to block a bad pitch is a common occurrence in baseball. The Mizuno's leg guard padding is dense and dry enough so it doesn't injure or slow down the player. Also, investing in Mizuno's knee wedges and catchers mitt would further improve your in-game experience. This Mizuno catching gear will last multiple seasons. Stainless steel parts to prevent corrosion, dry-fit padding to prevent soaking up sweat, and overall great protection with quality parts to ensure mobility and safety coincide.