Mizuno Catcher's Helmet

Mizuno Catcher's Helmet

A Mizuno catcher's helmet offers top of the line quality from a brand name baseball players know and trust. Helmets are available in a wide range of colors and sizes from pee wee to adult. Both men's and women's styles are available. All Mizuno helmets meet NOCSAE standards. Initially, a buyer may be most concerned about their helmet's price tag. A Mizuno catcher's helmet can cost upwards of $70 to over $100,. However, it's important to keep in mind that this is an essential investment in your safety. Mizuno products are built with quality materials and feature anti microbial synthetic liners. Therefore, with proper care and maintenance a Mizuno catcher's helmet can last for years. Mizuno makes two models. They are the Samurai and Mizuno Pro. First of all, make sure you know what to look for when purchasing a Mizuno catcher's helmet: [product_tag tags="mizuno-catchers-helmet"]


They construct the helmets with a shock absorbing, strong plastic shell. Triple layer foam lining molds to the player's head to give a custom fit. An adjustable chin strap keeps the helmet snugly in place. Due to the likelihood of contact with sweat and dirt, Mizuno helmets have a special synthetic liner. This layer offers anti microbial properties, killing odor causing germs. It is also designed to wick moisture away from the head so it can evaporate through the vents.


Strategically placed vents allow moisture to escape the helmet. It also allows cool air to circulate over the skin.


Helmets offer full head and face protection, with a chin area that extends down to protect the upper neck. In addition, you can add a throat guard for an extra level of protection.

Face Mask

Mizuno helmets use strong steel face masks for the highest level of safety. They space the bars to allow players the greatest level of visibility. Overall, a Mizuno catcher's helmet provides safety and quality in a stylish package.