Mizuno Catcher's Gear Set

Mizuno Catcher's Gear Set

If you're in search of catcher's equipment that feels tailor made, you'll find it in a Mizuno catcher's gear set. The Mizuno line of youth catcher's equipment has numerous detachable and adjustable components. Each is designed to give your backstop that one-of-a-kind feeling. Every Mizuno catcher's gear set contains adjustable features including detachable shoulder guards and kneepads. It also has an adjustable jaw guard the helmet. In addition, the strap on the back of chest protector is adjustable. So, every set will fit perfect. [product_tag tags="mizuno-catchers-gear-set"]

Mizuno Catchers Sets

The integrated helmet and face mask use a strategically designed ventilation system to provide breathability and comfort with three layers of foam padding. So, this will help keep you safe in the event you take one on the noggin. The chest protector in a Mizuno catcher's gear set uses shock-absorbing padding to deaden the rebound of the ball off the body. Rather than bouncing back near the pitcher, the ball will typically drop right in front of you. The leg guards have a triple knee design that helps improve range of motion in your legs. For added comfort around the head, the Mizuno catcher's helmet uses three levels of foam padding. None of these protective measures impede your mobility or agility. So, you will be able to play your best.

Catchers Gear Sizes

Mizuno youth catcher's gear sets come in three sizes. The smaller set contains a helmet sized 6 to 6.5 inches, a 12-inch chest protector and 12.5-inch shin guards,. There is a pre teen set with a 13-inch chest protector and 13-inch leg guards. Finally, the young adult set has a helmet size of 6.5 to 7.25 inches, shin guards measuring 14 inches and a chest protector measuring 14.5 inches. In terms of performance and features, a Mizuno catcher's gear set should be at the top of your list.