Mens Catchers Gear

Mens Catchers Gear

The mens catchers gear that you select should be uniquely suited to you and your team. Although this may be true, most men look to what professionals use. There are a variety of reasons why men opt for what pros use. Mens catchers gear is the most elaborate gear in the game. The enhanced designs will cost a little more. However, the addition padding and moisture wicking materials help keep you comfortable behind the plate. The majority of men who play can afford the gear that the pros use. A set of mens catchers gear may last the average player five to ten years. The things that most men look for are comfort, durability and safety. [product_tag tags="mens-catchers-gear"]

Be Safe Behind the Plate

The goal for mens catchers gear is to protect the catcher. A 100 mile per hour ball can kill you. Looks are important but safety trumps looks. In mens leagues you may see some worn out looking gear.  That's because, once you find a set of catchers gear that provides the comfort, and safety you are looking for, you won't be so quick to give it up. More catchers are using knee savers than ever before. This result is a lower injury rate. This added bit of safety keeps catchers walking after they quit playing. The added support costs very little when you  compare the medical issue that you will be avoiding.

Mens All Star Catchers Gear

Many professional catchers use All Star professional gear. The chest protector, leg guards and catchers facemasks are some of the best available on the market.  The two piece skullcap and face mask combo offers some of the lightest options. That is why they are considered an industry leader by professionals.  Their professional gear is surprisingly affordable. So, no matter what league you are playing in, you cat look like a pro.  Protect yourself with the best mens catchers gear available. Check out all of the gear available on our website to find the gear to fit your needs and budget.