Marucci Wood Bats 33 Inch

Marucci Wood Bats 33 Inch:

Marucci Wood Bats 33 Inch in size send players onto a pro bound future. Some of the more popular of this brand and bat length even include pro models. The CU26, AP5, and CUTCH22, are named for, and after models used by, MLB All Stars Chase Utley, Albert Pujols, and Andrew McCutchen. Another pro model released by Marucci in this same size? The RIZZ44. A BBCOR model that takes after 2016 World Champion, Chicaco Cubs first basemen Anthony Rizzo's bat, but incorporates composite construction into it as well. This way, the player who uses it can feel the good ol' flex of a metal bat, while also hearing the crack of the bat only a wood bat can produce.

Marucci Bone Rubbing, Dependability, and More:

Marucci bats undergo a technique known as "Bone Rubbing." During this process, the bat's exterior is extensively rubbed with a bone. As a result, the wood's pores close, and the bat compresses. This makes it harder, stiffer, and more solid for heavy hitting on the plate. Such bats comfort the already experienced wood bat swinger, while slightly challenging, without overwhelming, the inexperienced one. Marucci prides themselves on being one of the most reliable brands in the game. In fact, they often vouch for themselves. They have indicated that "consistency and craftsmanship" are what built Marucci's reputation within the Big League community. A reputation relentlessly kept through dedication to superior quality, they say. The manufacturer to customer relationship between Marucci and those who buy their products is as strong as it gets. One can only hope that they discover Marucci early on. As opposed to having unfortunate luck with other brands before finding the right one. With the best wood bats in the game, buy yours from Marucci today. If you do, you will reap the endless benefits come tomorrow! Be sure to check out the Marucci Albert Pujols maple wood bat. He has been such a productive hitter for a long time, so he must be using a quality bat.