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Maple Bat

A maple bat can provide you better game results. One of the main differences between maple and ash models is the higher strength and density of the maple bat. Maple is a stronger and denser without any much give. The ash wood is more flexible and flexes more. Therefore, when looking for the maximum power, consider using maple bats. A maple bat is highly recommended for the sluggers and the players who hit in the middle of the line up. It is one of the hardest material used for the modern wood bat game. The extra power from the maple bat translates to an increase in the distance level by ten to fifteen extra feet. Due to its strength, the maple bat tends to be a little more durable than an ash bat. However, no matter the material, one bad swing on a pitch running in on the hands can cause the bat to break. [product_tag tags="maple-bat"]

Pro Grade Maple Bat

Various maple bats come in different grades and  in various cuts. The cut varies in the overall shape including the knob, handle thickness, taper and barrel diameter. The grades of wood are the biggest influence on price. When you select the MLB grade wood,, you are going to pay a higher price. However, the experience hitter will get more value and performance from such a maple bat.  Younger players and players without a lot of wood bat experience should start off with a lower grade bat.  This is because, they are sure to break a good number of bats as they develop. This is  a result of not yet learning how to alter their swing for different pitch locations. Therefore they will make more bad contact that will put the bat in jeopardy of breaking. Once a hitter develops his wood bat swing, then it is a wise move to purchase an MLB grade wood bat.  Companies like Marucci, Victus, Louisville Slugger make some of the most popular pro models. You would be wise to check out their models when you are ready to make a purchase.  Their maple bat models have a proven performance track record.  Just the fact that MLB players choose to use them should be enough of an endorsement.
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