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Easton Mako Youth Bat

Easton Mako Youth Bat

An extraordinary piece of metal, molded by easton to construct the Easton mako youth bat! Easton only puts the best into their products and as a result, you get a mean looking baseball bat. Easton is widely known for the Mako series bats, and here's why. The bat is named after the deadly sea beast for a reason, it's stealthy and packs a huge punch. It takes years and years for evolution to form a shark into a killing machine of the deep. And the same goes for the Easton mako youth bat. Easton has been perfecting its bat production for over one hundred years, and the mako is at the top of the food chain. [product_tag tags="mako-youth-bat" orderby="popularity"]

Mako youth bat by Easton

There isn't just one aspect that makes something great, its a well rounded effort of attributes. So major league scouts don't just look for a players batting average. There are multiple criteria in hitting alone, it's more than having a good batting average. It's your swing, stride, how you plant your legs and hold your elbows. Some bats are too heavy and affect your form, some are too light and throw off your timing. You need a bat as well rounded as a professional ball player, and that's the Easton mako youth bat. The overall function is better because of how balanced the bat is with its corresponding parts. To add, the Easton mako youth bat is available it a multitude of sizes and weight drops. It's super easy to find the right length to weight ratio and get you to form a balanced swing. Balancing power, stealth, and weight makes the mako a top predator. The alloy body of the bat is light but thick in the right places. Allowing for a great transfer of power from the bat to the ball, so you're getting the most pop.  Lastly, the grip tape provides a wonderful cushion so you're not squeezing the life out of your bat. It's a great way to relax your grip and keep calm at the plate. So come by baseball bargains today to become an alpha athlete, with the Easton mako youth bat.
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