Majestic Brand

There are many great companies out there. However there are a couple that stand above the rest. One of these companies is Majestic. They have been in business since 1976 and there headquarters is in Tampa, Florida. The company's first great innovation was they invented the batting practice jersey and in 1982 these jerseys made their debut in the MLB. The MLB was very happy with these batting practice jerseys. Due to their satisfaction in 2004 majestic became to official uniform provider for pro baseball. They have also had success in pro football with great fan wear. This pro recognition is no coincidence. Majestic products use some of the best materials and technologies out right now. They are strictly an apparel company and they do not manufacture baseball equipment. They have definitely perfected there craft though. Anyone on the market for apparel has to and should look into these products. Check out our selection of their products right here on the Baseball Bargains website.