Louisville Slugger Prime 919

Louisville Slugger Prime 919

A ballplayer that performs well at the plate will always find a place on a team. This is why purchasing a great bat is essential. Narrowing down your search for a bat can. be difficult, but there are some factors to consider in order to help you do so. Some of these factors include the brand the bat comes from and the series the bat comes from. Looking into these two things you can narrow down your search for a bat in no time. Here is why you should consider purchase a Louisville Slugger Prime 919 bat. 

Louisville Slugger:

When purchasing a product looking into what brand the product comes from is an important part of the process of choosing a bat. This is because if a bat comes from a reputable brand the glove will definitely be of a high quality. Louisville Slugger is as good as it gets. For over 100 years Louisville Slugger has been providing ballplayers with top of the line equipment. Louisville Slugger is well represented at every level of the game from bottom to top. Louisville Slugger is the official sponsor of the baseball teams for Wake Forest University, the University of Arizona, and Florida State University. The reason these premier college programs choose Louisville Slugger is simple, they feel it gives them the best chance to perform.

Prime 919 Series:

Here on the Baseball Bargains website we have Prime 919 bats coming in four different drop weights. We have a drop 3, drop 8, drop 10, and drop 12.5. All of these different sizes are for ballplayers at different levels of the game. These bats use TRU3 construction which helps reduce vibration. Alsop the MicroForm design makes this bat incredibly balanced. We have a wide variety of Louisville slugger Prime 919 bats to choose from. So, improve your game and purchase one of these great bats today!