Louisville Slugger Baseball Bats

Louisville Slugger Baseball Bats

Louisville Slugger baseball bats are a great choice. What baseball bat a ballplayer chooses to use is a huge part of their success. This is why you need to take your time and do your research before purchasing yourself a bat. One of the things you need to look into when purchasing a bat is the brand of the bat. Choosing a good brand is very important in the bat buying process. One brand that makes some of the best bats around is Louisville Slugger. Louisville Slugger is a company of great tradition especially when it comes to bats. Here is why you should choose Louisville Slugger baseball bats. [product_tag tags="louisville-slugger-baseball-bats" orderby="popularity"]

The Louisville Slugger brand: 

As stated before Louisville Slugger is a brand of great tradition. Louisville Slugger began in J. F. Hillerich's woodworking shop in Louisville, Kentucky. The American roots of Louisville Slugger help shape many of the products they make and is a major reason for there great amount of success. Originally called Falls City Sluggers the brand changed their name in 1894 when Bud Hillerich took over the company. The great craftsmanship of this company goes back a long time. The first star to choose Louisville Slugger was legend Honus Wagner followed by Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig these guys knew early on that if you were looking for a great bat Louisville Slugger was the way to go. This great amount of pro representation has not stopped either. Many pros today use Louisville Slugger including Adam Jones, David Wright, and Joe Panik. The longstanding excellence of this company is like no other and anyone looking for a bat needs to consider Louisville Slugger.


What makes Louisville Slugger baseball bats so great is the variety of them. Louisville Slugger makes wood bats as well as metal, youth, adult , and senior bats. Any type of bat you are looking for Louisville Slugger has it. Their best metal bat is the Louisville Slugger Prime 917. This bat uses a MicroForm Composite design to help a player hit balls harder and further than they ever have before. Their best wood bat is the Louisville Slugger Prime. This wood bat can be found in ash, birch, and also maple and whatever you choose the materials used are some of the best in the game. The brand of Louisville Slugger has bats for very competitive ballplayers and they have models for beginners. So,any type of ballplayer looking for a bat should choose Louisville Slugger and purchase a bat today from Baseball Bargains.