Heart Of The Hide

Heart Of The Hide

A Heart Of The Hide glove is one of the best on the market. Heart Of The Hide is a premium glove that can handle anything, and Rawlings makes this glove from the top 5% of the hides available. They hand select these hides, so you know it will be a quality glove and will hold up. Rawlings is a very trustworthy company as they are the oldest baseball manufacturing company. They have the trust of MLB players, including All Star catcher Buster Posey. A Heart Of The Hide, or HOTH, is one of Rawlings top gloves. They produce these gloves for the serious baseball player, and make them to hold up with the wear and tear. Also, a HOTH glove is going to last you a lifetime. These baseball gloves are built to last and are extremely durable. With gloves available at every position, everyone should consider a HOTH. [product_tag tags="heart-of-the-hide" orderby="popularity"]

Catchers Glove

What is great about these gloves is that they are perfect for every position. Rawlings manufactures them for every player, not just to specialize in one position like some other gloves. To start, their catchers gloves. The HOTH catchers glove is one of the best on the market. It features a wide face that creates a hide target for pitchers. Also, what is great about a wide face is it creates a wider strike zone. You can set up on the outside of the plate and frame a lot easier by catching it on the outside of the pocket. This glove will be every pitchers best friend. These gloves swarm balls as well. It closes extremely efficiently and will block any ball in the dirt. A glove that frames really well and blocks a lot of balls is exactly what a catcher needs. They will seriously help your game.

Infield Glove

Next up, their infielders gloves. They craft some great infielders gloves that are very easy to break in. Also, these Heart Of The Hide infielders gloves feature a tough leather pocket. This makes transferring a very easy task. The ball won't be lost in your glove. Once it hits the leather, it is ready to be thrown. This results in faster hands and will help your overall game. Their third baseman's gloves an awesome addition to their arsenal. They just started crafting them to the level of the rest of the HOTH, and they are just as great. Their first baseman's gloves are excellent as well. The first base glove features an extremely deep pocket. As many first baseman know, a deep pocket is vital to success. They help holding the ball, and make holding a pick a lot easier. These gloves help improve all skills while playing.

Outfield Glove

Lastly, their outfield gloves. The outfield gloves are the prototypical outfield gloves, but on steroids. Some of these gloves feature the classic trapeze web style. This is a classic look in baseball and always look really good while someone is playing in the outfield. But, not to worry, if you aren't a fan of trapeze webbing, you can get one that features a H-web style. This is another great look for all outfielders. Not to mention, these gloves are extremely long and have a deep pocket. With the length, it allows you to be able to outstretch and make plays you haven't been able to do previously. All of the Heart Of The Hide loves are excellent and aren't a rip off. At $249, there is no reason you shouldn't purchase them today.