Grip Stick

Grip Stick

Baseball is a sport that requires unprecedented precision. This is why every aspect of your game needs to be fine tuned and as perfect as it possible can. You performance at the plate is important and can be hurt by a lack of precision. One thing that can hurt your precision at the plate is a lack of grip. This is why many ball players choose to purchase a grip stick. A grip stick has many benefits and here is why you should consider purchasing one. [product_tag tags="grip-stick" orderby="popularity"]


Having a good grip of your bat is essential. A lack of grip can cause the bat to slip out of your hands. The bat slipping out of your hands will take away a tremendous amount of power and it is also dangerous to players and spectators. A grip stick is a great way to improve your grip. Unlike traditional tape or a bat. Also, what is great about a grip stick vs other accessories is you can control how much you use. If it is a wet day you can apply more, if you do not prefer much grip you can apply less, the grip stick allows you to control your grip.

Grip Sticks:

All Star Tiger Stick Grip Enhancer: Priced at $12.95. This works for both wood and metal bats. Also, this grip stick last a very long time, this small purchase will last you multiple seasons. This stick eliminates any unwanted moisture on the bat along with just being sticky. Lastly, this stick is the choice of grip for many professional ballplayers. If pro ball players use this grip then why not you? Here on the Baseball Bargains website we have an ample amount of grip sticks available for purchase. So, improve your performance at the plate, never lose grip again, and purchase yourself one today!