Girls Softball Helmets

Girls Softball Helmets

Girls Softball Helmets have become very protective over the years. All helmets have a cage over your face just in case a pitch goes wild towards your head. I feel this is a great addition to the game a as the pitchers are so close that you never know what might happen. These helmets have become an important part of the game, and continue to protect all players ad they play. Many companies make helmets for fast pitch softball, but some make cages to put over the regular styled helmet. Also, many companies make helmets that don't have a cage, but have parts to connect to the cage so you can put it on. [product_tag tags="girls-softball-helmets" orderby="popularity"]

Under Armour

Under Armour has some great helmets and have helmets specifically designed for softball. They do have helmets with and without the cage. The helmets without the cage can have one put on if you buy one. Many Under Armour helmets are very protective and come in many different colors, sticking to some what of the same style. They have a style designed specifically for softball and one designed specifically designed for baseball. The one designed for softball has a wider side view in order to see through the cage easier. It is a little narrower on the baseball helmets because they don't want a baseball to get through. So, keep that in mid before you buy a narrow helmet and a cage.


Rawlings makes some great helmets. They have a signature helmet that can take the shock from a 90 mph pitch. In softball this will most likely never be seen, but shows you how much protection you have while using a Rawlings product. They have many helmets with the cage already connected, but they also have helmets that can connect tot the cages. Similar to Under Armour, the helmets designed for softball have a longer side view so you can see through the cage. This is a very important feature because it is hard to hit what you can't see. So, the added viewing helps the hitter out.