Girls Fastpitch Softball Bats

Girls Fastpitch Softball Bats

Girls fastpitch softball bats are specifically  for use in girls softball leagues. These leagues are generally open to girls from Kindergarten to College age. Bats come in various lengths and sizes. The best model will depend on the weight, height and strength of the girl. The perfect bat for each girl will have the proper weight, and use quality material to guarantee safety and a long lifespan. Girls fastpitch softball bats must meet certain specifications due to league regulation. So, these bats have certain features that set them apart from other bats. It is important to check with your specific league or tournament for any restrictions before you buy a bat. There are many fastpitch bats to choose from and they can be quite expensive. [product_tag tags="girls-fastpitch-softball-bats"]

How to Choose a Girls Softball Bat

The price of a girls softball bat can vary widely based on the material used to make the bat. In addition,  if there are any special features or procedures used in making the bat, the price will be affected. The higher end girls fastpitch softball bats can cost upwards of $350, while the more simple bats can be under $100. Some key issues to consider when selecting a girls softball bat are size, balance, weight drop ratio, and the material in the bat. Most girls softball bat models use either alloy or composite material in their construction. There are some differences between these materials, but the choice is generally depends on which type the player prefers to use and their budget. Girls fastpitch softball bats come in sizes from 26" to 32" for younger girls, and up to 34" for older girls. When buying a bat the you should try to demo the bats you are considering. Many batting cages offer demo days. Contact those in you area for information about demo days for different manufacturers bats.

Fastpitch Bats Weight Drop

If you can't find a demo day, you can usually find a local place like Baseball Bargains where you can feel and swing the bat. If there are no local places to see and feel the bat, contact our experts in our customer service department.  They can help steer you to the size and model that best fits your needs and budget. The final two things to consider are related. The balance of the bat and the weight drop.  Power hitters tend to prefer an end loaded bat, while gap hitters prefer a bat with a balanced swing weight.  You determine the weight drop ratio by subtracting the weight of the bat from the length of the bat. The resulting  number is the weight drop rate. A drop rate of around -10 is usually appropriate for most girls, and is the most common. However, the weight drop can range anywhere from 8 to 13. The balance of the bat can affect the feel of a bat.  two bats that are both 32 inches with a weight drop of 10 will have very different feels in their swing. This is very noticeable if one bat is well balanced and the  other is end loaded. That is why swinging the bats whenever possible is helpful. There are a number of factors to consider when looking for girls fastpitch softball bats, so it can be helpful to enlist the help of a coach or sales associate for further assistance. When you reach out to the experts at Baseball Bargains, you get both.  We now the gear we sell because we also coach kids who use the equipment. So let us help you choose your next girls softball bat.