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Fastpitch Softball Helmets with Facemask

This season you need a fastpitch softball helmets with facemask, 360 degree protection makes it a must buy. You won't find this degree of protection anywhere else, look good wearing it, and love the way it feels. Softball is just as aggressive as baseball, thus needing the same amount of protection, inside and out. Having multiple perks which overlap protection and comfort. The supreme protection also helps boost your confidence at the plate. [product_tag tags="fastpitch-softball-helmets-with-facemask" orderby="popularity"]

Protection perks

To start, the exterior of the helmet is made from a strong plastic. The sporting community loves using the ABS plastics due to their unbelievable reliability. Yes it is a very strong plastic, it's also so lightweight that it's been a rising star in protecting athletes everywhere. Up next, the interior of the helmet puts the comfort in comfortable. The interior design in fastpitch softball helmets with facemask, using special foam to keep you cool and comforted. The layering of the foam helps redirect and force exerted on the helmet, having foams of varying density helps absorb the impact. A harder, more dense layer of foam takes the brunt of the force while a softer layer picks up left-over vibrations. Lined with cool tech, wicking moisture and feels comfortable instantly, its a great combo. Fastpitch softball helmets with facemask proect you from all angles,working hard inside and out without weighing you down. but what about the front of your face? Don't worry, with a detachable facemask, you can feel confident in the box. The facemask is made with thin metal bars that make it impossible for a softball to squeeze through. Strong enough to take big impacts, yet thin enough to keep good vision on the ball. This helmet is one of a kind with all it has to offer, while still looking aggressive. The styles are amazing and also come in multiple colors to match your team uniform.
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