Easton Z6

Easton Z6 Series

The Easton Z6 batting helmet series is an absolutely fantastic option for players looking to have awesome protection and comfort. It features many different different style options including two tone styles and one color styles. The Easton Z6 helmets also feature matte and gloss finishes. So, as a player you can find a helmet that is protective, comfortable, and great looking. Easton puts their 37.5 technology into this helmet as their liner fabric. This technology quickly evaporates head sweat for ultimate comfort at the plate. This is great so players do not get sweat in their eyes at the plate which can alter vision and be painful. Easton uses dual-density foam for its padding in the helmet. It provides shock absorption and even more comfort that it already is home to. The exterior shell of the Easton Z6 is an ABS exterior shell. This gives players hitters maximum protection and ensures safety if a ball comes at your head.