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Easton Youth Catchers Gear

With Easton youth catchers gear you'll be fully prepared for your new beginnings as a catcher. Easton gives you everything you need to take charge behind the dish and get you in the mindset to become the best you can be. Getting used to the equipment is said to be the toughest part about becoming a catcher. So for the Easton youth catchers gear, they really emphasized comfort and protection. Developing a bond to your equipment and trusting it to protect you is the first step to an all star season. [product_tag tags="easton-youth-catchers-gear"]

Easton Catchers Gear Features

The Easton youth catchers gear includes, a catchers mask, chest protector and leg guards. Covering from head to toe, you'll feel like a brick wall behind the plate and have to confidence to to your best. The head to toe protection is very important at a young age. A young athlete should be growing and thriving without the thought of injury. That fear can hold them back and limit their performance. So getting used to the catchers mask is a breeze, with comfortable facial padding and moisture wicking fabric lining. Made to repel water, it'll keep sweat out of the face with ease. Keeping them cool and focused at the plate so they'll react instantly when the pitch is thrown. Handling rogue pitches won't be an issue with the multi-layered chest protector. The multi layered foam has different densities to absorb shock and keep the ball within reach. So it won't hurt the player when they get in front of the ball and they'll see a positive outcome from doing so. Made out of the same material as the catchers mask, the leg guards are grade A for protecting your legs. The durable ABS plastic reduces shock and holds up under pressure. The triple knee design wraps around the knee and provides protection on the upper leg, shins and top of the foot. Uncompromising mobility comes with the triple knee design, for great sliding and maneuvering. So come to baseball bargains to try on your new Easton youth catchers gear today!
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