Easton Sunglasses

Easton Sunglasses

Easton Sunglasses are a necessity when it comes to sunny games in the field. Every outfielder has to have a pair of sunglasses when it comes to a day game and the sun is out. It is nearly impossible to see any balls in the air if you don't have sunglasses on. Easton makes some great sunglasses and sell them in many different styles. They all have UV protection on them so your eyes won't get any damage sitting in the sun. Also, some models are polarized so they add extra vision when the sun is out. All of the Easton sunglasses are a great choice. They vary in price due to style, material, and if they are polarize or not. However, all of them are great picks for the field. And, you don't just have to be an outfielder. All players should wear them, including catchers. [product_tag tags="easton-sunglasses"]


First on the list, the interchangeable Easton sunglasses. The interchangeable ones include the diamond, and just the interchangeable line. The diamond sunglasses come at a price of $24 and are a great pick for any player. The frame of the diamond sunglasses come in black and grey. and, there are three lens colors, black, brown, and yellow. You can use any frame and lens that matches your team color to make them more uniform. The interchangeable frame comes in black and white, or white and black. Also, the lens colors are black or yellow. The yellow lenses can be in use during an overcast day to help with the glare. Both the diamond and the basic interchangeable lenses are perfect for any day game. Like the diamond, the interchangeable lens and sell for $24 which is a great price for so,e great sunglasses. Overall, great buy between these two.


The next line on the list is the ultra-lite series by Easton as well. The ultra-lite series has two products or frames, the regular ultra-lite and the Jr. The Jr sunglasses are made for a smaller face, so all players can get a use out of these. Also, the Jr sunglasses can be in good use for softball players, as most softball players have smaller faces. The color options for the ultra-lite Jr is black with a optic orange lens, and a silver frame with a smoke lens. These two colorways can match most uniforms and it is perfect for all players with small faces. The ultra-lite Z blade is another frame a part of the ultra-lite series. The blade Z is available for $14 and can be bought in black coloring for the frame and the lens.