Easton S3

Easton S3 Series

The Easton S3 bats are available for all levels of baseball play. The word speed appears on the barrel of the S3 bats. That is because this bat offers great bat speed to it's user. It is an extremely quick bat because of how balanced it is. Like some of the other top aluminum alloy bats, the weight balance is spread evenly through the bat. This allows for a compact swing that creates pop. The ball jumps off the barrel of the Easton S3 bats. This Easton has a barrel that is ahead of its class. It is available in -13, -10, -8 and drop 3. It is perfect for all youth baseball players that haven't got to high school rules yet. The BBCOR bat is still one of the best BBCOR bats that the game has seen. The bat line was the evolution of several predecessors.  It  elevates the bar and helps Easton bats become more popular especially since the BBCOR  rule change. Again, all youth baseball players that use Easton big barrel bats should give the easton S3 a solid look.