Easton S200

Easton S200 Series

The Easton S200 is one of the most affordable bats Easton has ever made. It is an ideal cage bat line.  You can practice with the he S200 in the batting cage while keeping you high end bat safe in you bag awaiting game day. The 2 5/8 inch diameter bats are available in a -3, -10, and -8. All players should use this bat in practice if they are having issues getting their game bat through the zone. The bats tend to have a  slightly top heavy feel. Thus, this helps develop the strength you need to increase your bat speed. Each bat model will help you get to the next level of play from youth bats to Big Barrel bats then ultimately to the BBCOR bats. The drop 3 bat model is one of the most durable BBCOR bats that are available. It will help you get a more powerful swing. With only a few other similar models by other companies, you will not find other bats that are better than this one. At a price around $50, this is a steal of a deal. So, if you want to save your swing and your bank account, get the Easton S200.