Easton Rival

Easton Rival Series

Th Easton Rival series has always been affordable product line. Over the years, this series featured bats, baseball gloves, catchers equipment, batting gloves, and pants. The Easton Rival was one of the best bats out there. It is a part of the first generation of BBCOR bats. Once the BBCOR rule was put into effect in high school, Easton came out with the Rival bat line. No matter what product that carries the Rival series name, you can rest assured that the fine quality and craftsmanship of the Easton engineers will shine through. The current in-line pants are available in pipe pants and solid. The pipe look is on of the classic parts of baseball. The pipe is a really clean look and makes any uniform look perfect. As a result, it definitely is a smart choice for any team looking for a new uniform. The solid look is great as well as this series of pants use a clean look. The pants are tough but light eight, which is the best combination.