Easton M7 Youth Catchers Gear

Easton M7 Youth Catchers Gear

The Easton M7 Youth Catchers Gear is one of the best sets to start your child out with today. This set is extremely protective and will keep them safe behind the plate. This gear takes protection to a new level with the helmet, chest protector, and leg guards. Also, the sleek design and coloring make these sets match able to any team color. Easton has been providing the baseball world with great equipment for a long time and also make some great catchers equipment. As a company, Easton has been around for a long time and customers have a lot of trust in them. They have a great base of consumers and fans that frequently buy there products. Easton is a true and true baseball company. Also, they make great softball gear and softball catchers equipment. So, everybody can try out Easton and their great collections. [product_tag tags="easton-m7-youth-catchers-gear"]


The helmet on the M7 series is a typical hockey style mask. The hockey style mask is the norm nowadays as it is much more protective than the two-piece style. With the hockey mask, you have your face, head, side of your head, back of the head, and parts of the neck covered. This is a lot more protection then what the two-piece mask offers. So, the helmet offers a ton of protection and will keep your child safe. The same goes for the chest protector as it will be able to handle the velocity of the ball. These chest protectors are filed with great padding and absorbs a lot of shock. The leg protectors are the same as well. They offer great protection and the longevity every parent is looking for. They make these leg protectors from great hard plastic and blocks out all the shock.


The Pricing of this set for a set for youth and intermediate players is great. To buy a youth or intermediate player $200 to $300 gear that they will grow out of in one to two seasons is silly. Instead, the M7 set has a great price of $154. This set is very protective, will last a long time, and won't break your bank account. There is no reason you shouldn't buy this gear for your child today. Be smart with safety and money and get the best of both worlds in this M7 set.  On top of the set being on sale, each individual piece is on our website as well for a good price. Check them out today.