Easton M7 Catchers Gear

Easton M7 Catchers Gear

When choosing catchers gear it is important to do an ample amount of research to make sure you have found the best gear for you. There are many factors to consider when choosing catchers gear. Some of these factors include brand and the series of the gear. It is important to buy from a great brand because when you buy from a respected brand their is a greater chance your gear is high quality. It is also important to look into the series of the gear because each series is geared towards different types of players. If you are looking for quality catcher's gear one set to consider is the Easton M7 catchers gear. This gear comes from both a great brand and a great series. [product_tag tags="easton-m7-catchers-gear" orderby="popularity"]

The Easton Brand:

Easton is a company that has a great tradition in the game of softball. Easton has been one of the top companies in the game since James D Easton founded them in 1922. When such quality gear is manufacturer's people take notice. Because the gear is of such great quality Easton is the Official Equipment Sponsor Of Little League. With a longstanding tradition is creating some of the top catchers gear in the game anyone considering buying gear needs to consider Easton.

The M7 Series:

This gear not only comes from one of the top softball brands, it comes from one of their best series. The M7 series prides itself on being one of the lightest catchers gears. While not sacrificing the amount of protection it has. Some of the protection features include Multi layer foam, Triple knee protection, and Inner knee protection. The gear also does a great job of keeping you comfortable in the dead it of the Summer. They do this using Strategically placed vents to help air you out. What really closes the deal on this gear is the price, depending on the set price floats around $170, which is a great price for the quality of this gear. Most catchers sets of this quality go for somewhere around $300. Do not miss out on this great deal purchase your Easton M7 Catchers Gear Set from Baseball Bargains today.