Easton M10 Catcher's Gear

Easton M10 Catcher's Gear

The Easton M10 Catcher's Gear is a premier set that all backstops to have. It features the three essentials that come with all catchers gear - a helmet, a chest protector, and leg guards. A streamlined profile provides the M10 helmet with a snug fit. Its rear cap is designed with a smooth radius for quick and easy removal. The ABC plastic shell includes built-in, strategic venting to keep you cool while you are behind the plate. Furthermore, strength to weight properties end up reaching excellent levels thanks to the Hyperlite EPP foam. In addition, it has a unique two tone color scheme. The M10 Chest Protector's asymmetric design optimizes play for the typically right-handed throwing catcher. Additionally, its multi layer perforation allows heat to quickly dissipate. Lastly, the ZERO SHOCK memory foam reduces ball rebounds. This lends catchers better control of their blocks. So, base runners will stay put. Easton M10's top flight Leg Guards asymmetric designs satisfy both the right and lef legs. Its trademarked, TRUEBLOCK anti-roll design also creates stability in and out of the blocking position. This also provides better mobility. Meanwhile, the IKP's ZERO SHOCK memory foam will maximize comfort and safety in the areas where catchers really need it most. A custom fit can be achieved thanks to an adjustable knee pad. Lastly, an EXOS ventilation system within the guards channels hot air out, and brings cooler air in. Thus, you will stay cool under pressure and during those hot day games with the Easton M10 catcher's gear. [product_tag tags="easton-m10-catchers-gear"]   The Easton M10 Catcher's Gear features:

The M10 Catcher's Helmet features:

  • a streamlined profile
  • Rear Cap
  • ABC Plastic Shell
  • Hyperlite EPP Foam
  • a Rubberized matte finish
  • Matte black steel face-mask

The M10™ Chest Protector features:

  •  an Asymmetric design
  •  Multi-layer perforation
  • ZERO SHOCKâ„¢ memory foam in abdomen region
  • Ergonomic adjustable shoulder cap
  • Over-the-shoulder protection with 3-point adjustment

The M10â„¢ Leg Guards features:

  • Asymmetric designs (for the right and left legs)
  • TRUBLOCKâ„¢ anti-roll design (creates stability in and out of the blocking position)
  • Inner Knee Protection (IKP) with ZERO SHOCKâ„¢ memory foam (where catchers need it most)
  • Adjustable knee pad (for customized fit)
  • EXOSâ„¢ ventilation system (channels hot air out and cooler air in)
So, make sure you consider the Easton M10 catcher's gear for your next purchase.