Easton Intermediate Catchers Gear

Easton Intermediate Catchers Gear

The Easton intermediate catchers gear set comes with everything you need to play this position. Designed for players of all ages, it offers full body protection behind home plate. The catcher puts himself or herself in the line of fire behind home plate. The dangers of this position can be severe. You need to protect yourself from injuries that can leave lasting damages. When you choose the Easton intermediate catchers gear set, you get everything you need to stay safe. It comes with a chest protector, leg guards and a hockey style helmet for added safety. CLICK HERE to see the full Collection of Easton Intermediate Catchers Gear!

Easton Leg Guards

The leg guards use durable materials like foam and ABS plastic. They will absorb the speed and impact of an incoming pitch. The leg guards cover the top of your thigh as well as your knees and shins. They are adjustable so you can secure their proper fit. You avoid bruises, scrapes, and scratches on your legs. You will avoid being injured thanks to the shin guards in the Easton intermediate catchers gear set. The chest protector fits securely across the upper chest and extends below to cover your stomach. It is lightweight so you can take the proper stance behind home plate.

Easton Catchers Helmet

In addition, you can also avoid injuries by wearing a catchers helmet. The Easton intermediate catchers gear comes with a hockey style catchers help which provides the best protection for your face, head and neck. The helmet also uses durable ABS plastic in it's construction. The catchers gear set comes in fun colors that complement or match your uniform. Easton offers several different series  of catchers equipment.  Each has different perks to help you look and play your best on the field. In addition, they will also keep you safe from harm. So, check out all of the models Easton offers on our website today.